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Linking the curious traveler with the best local knowledge available.

Are you traveling and want a local expert to guide you through a city, a mountain, through hiking trails, in a 4×4 superjepp, cycling around or just what ever will make your trip a time you never forget? Then SmartGuide is the solution you are looking for.

For companies to hire

If you are in the business of hiring guides for you tours, SmartGuide  is place you start your search. The best and the brightest in the business are just a few clicks away !

For guides to get hired

Whether you are a normal sitting tour guide, driving guide, mountain guide, hiking guide, city guide or even a nightlife guide – SmartGuide is the perfect tool to help you fill your calendar and keep you busy all day every day, or simply the days you choose to be available for hiring.

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We’ve been online for a year and our numbers are growing!




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About Us

We’re couple of guys trying to solve a problem we ran into in the guiding industry in Iceland.

Haukur’s father runs a company that hires guides every day and was having difficulties finding the right guide for their tours and to find out if they are available when the tour operator needs them.

We decided that we could create a calendar where guides could post their schedule and other information so available guides could be found and booked with just a few clicks.

The modern way to communicate with guides is finally here!

Haukur Viðar Jónsson

Haukur Viðar Jónsson

Co-creator, CEO

Mobile: +354 618-1000

Ægir Finnsson

Ægir Finnsson

Co-creator, CTO

Mobile: +354 611-3030

Mobile Ready

We know guides spent most of their time on the road, so we’ve created a system that works on mobile devices.

At the moment the website is very mobile-friendly, but we are also working on a app that runs on most mobile platforms out there.

We’ve also implemented an SMS sending solution to notify users that don’t have smartphones, so that they can accept or decline offers from tourist companies within minutes.